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The Importance of Belief

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Emerging Technology

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Emerging Technology

‘Emerging Technology’ includes several connected and separate topics importantly: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Metaverse, NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) Smart Contracts and Quantum computing.

Some of these are still in their infancy and don’t fully ‘work’, others are being investigated both by developers, businesses and governments as to their viability, usefulness and how they might be adopted in a regulatory environment.

Emerging technologies, how they work and what they do, are fully discussed in our partner website from MXRB Consultants LLP –

Here we will look at how they might affect, enhance or restrict your personal freedoms.


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Why Crypto?

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What is Virtual Land?

What is Virtual Land? 150 150

What is Virtual Land?

Don LaPlume, CEO and Founder of Megaverus explains


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Why Choose Dacxi?

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Coffee Chat

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The Coffee Chat

An easy  way to explain Megaverus

How to use the ‘Coffee Chat’

First of all you don’t need to learn the ‘script’ word for word, just present the information in your own way either face to face over a coffee or via Zoom

On this page you’ll find a three part document

Part 1 is a guide ‘script’ the sentences in bold are the things you really need to say (in your own words)

This refers to a video clip which will be made available to you as soon as possible

Part 2 shows the highlights you write down on a sheet of paper as you are talking. To see what I mean there’s a short (10 min) video below of how it might be done.

As you’ll see, it doesn’t have to be a ‘perfect’ presentation, just a way of effectively getting the message across.

The last section is the most important where you end with “what would you like to talk about first” or words to that effect

Part 3 is a part filled sheet you can print off and use if you want to, it’s not essential to use this sheet

If you are presenting over Zoom then it’s probably easier to use the animated PowerPoint attached. You don’t have to use this, you can draw it out if you can arrange your camera appropriately.

Try out the presentation first. If you can practice in your personal zoom room if you have one. You’ll need to share screen and then each line on the presentation will come up as you click your mouse.

Before you share screen you’ll need to click on the ‘slide show’ icon in the bottom bar on the right and adjust the display so it doesn’t completely fill your screen. It helps if you don’t have too many windows open when you do this.

If you have any questions please come back to me – best way is WhatsApp or Telegram for a quick response my number is +44 7768 765432

Good luck

Ben Coker

Chief Operations Officer

Leader Group 8 Sep 21

Leader Group 8 Sep 21 150 150

DAC Leader Meeting 8 Sep 21

Sansar setup

Sansar setup 150 150

SANSAR setup

How to get started with Sansar

How Crex Works

How Crex Works 150 150

How the Crex24 Exchange works – with Andrew Squillari

How the Crex24 Trading Exchange Affects the DACXI Coin Price

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iHub Main

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The Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (TOI) is about connecting ‘things’ together for tracking, for inventory management and a multitude of other purposes.

Helium and iHub are building a global low frequency radio network with a decentralised infrastructure. By simply hosting a hub (the size of a small broadband router) in your home or business premises you can benefit for providing a link in this coverage.

There’s no cost, nothing to pay, just a miniscule amount on your electricity bill and then you get paid for two things: proof of coverage when your hub is connected, and traffic once signals go through it in their way to the next hub.

Better, cheaper, and less dangerous that using the high frequency microwave cell networks currently powering most of the Internet of Things.

Watch the videos to see how it works. The first is a fun description of what it is and the second a more detailed explanation of the proposition and how YOU can get a ‘Piece of the Action’!

iHub working with Helium is a way of generating income through the Helium HNT coin simply for hosting a low frequency transmitter/receiver to facilitate the ‘internet of things’. We earn HNT coins (easily converted into cash) when we host a ‘hub’, traffic passes through the hub, we introduce new hosts. No up front investment is required, only the very small cost of electricity to power the hub. Check out the information here.

What’s Helium?

Glad you asked. 3 minute video

The iHub Proposition

29 minute video – how it works for you

To Register (no need to purchase or order anything)

Follow this link