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Dacxi Powerpoint

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7 Min PowerPoint for up to 29 Mar 21

Download the PowerPoint File

PLEASE – DO NOT amend this PowerPoint presentation. If you feel it needs any changes please refer back to Gavin Bain or Ben Coker

Site Security Check

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Checking Website Security

How to Coach

How to Coach 150 150

How to Coach with Ed Ludbrook 25 Mar 20

Order Web Page

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Order Your Dacxi Personal Web Page

Use this page to send to people you have already spoken to who are ready to order or want more information. Please don’t send it out ‘blind’!

Get your own DACXI promotional page with your name shown at the top
The Order Now button will be coded with your personal referral link
One-off transfer of 641 Dacxi Coins via the Transfer function on the Dacxi Exchange to ben@bencoker.net
Your page will be updated regularly whenever key changes occur at Dacxi


    Communication Tools

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    Useful Presentation Resources

    Before you use any of these do make sure they are up to ate and feel free to put them into your own words