What is Crypto

What is Crypto 150 150

What IS Crypto Currency?

‘Crypto’ means ‘encrypted’ which basically means that it is secure.In effect all money is ‘crypto’ – what you see on your bank account screen – showing you how much money – or currency – you have is also encrypted (but at a much lower level than Dacxi)

Money is an idea that came about to facilitate the exchange of goods and services – before money all we could do was barter. Money isn’t real, it’s only an idea and although it used to be, it’s no longer backed up by precious metals like gold and silver – it’s all ‘virtual’, a token or a ‘promise’.

Different states and governments have introduced ‘currencies’ to manage the money in their particular country. Some currencies are worth more than others largely depending on the state of the local economy – but all so called ‘hard’ currencies are under the political control of governments.

Crypto is different, it’s regulated but not controlled, and not so sensitive to the vagaries of politics – but it is still a ‘currency’. Bitcoin was the first to become popular and has been followed by similar ‘coins’ launched by different organisations.

Bitcoin is an asset, like a gold bar, possibly more expensive. The Dacxi coin, on the other hand is similar to a cent or a penny and is positioned not as a ‘corporate’ currency like others but as a ‘community’ currency, DACXI stands for Digital Asset Community Exchange International and the Dacxi coin is money – a means of exchange. It has been designed to be available to everyone, not just the high flyer investors and traders, and it’s designed to be usable everywhere to buy goods and services – just like hard currency.

There’s more to it than though as you will discover when you begin your journey with Dacxi.