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How Dacxi Coin Pricing Works

Statement from DACXI 

DAC Coin price increases reflects our analysis based on the four drivers we believe should determine coin price. We are focused on ensuring that all price developments are justified and conservative, so we have including some analysis to support the developments.

Why increase prices?

As the coin is not free-floating, it is up to Dacxi to determine increases and this is based on four drivers:

  1. The state of the crypto market. Would it lift or depress a DAC Coin price?
  2. The performance of the Dacxi Economy since the last increase was decided. Has performance since the last coin price analysis increased the value of the Dacxi economy?
  3. The potential of the Dacxi Economy. Since the last coin price analysis, has the credible potential of the economy increased?
  4. The liquidity of the coin.

Regularly we look back to the last increase and the four price drivers tell us that:

  1. The crypto market has risen or fallen
  2. The Dacxi economy has grown by a defined amount
  3. Dacxi’s potential is stronger, with new offices and staff in the UK and Australia. New marketing and training innovations should have significant growth impact.
  4. Liquidity has not changed (because the coin has not yet been floated).

Whatever increase the analysis justifies we will only increase the price by a fraction (usually 25{63f8a48abbc3b6ed1c546c5062d19c645307100b58edcd524ad62028ad26658a} to 33{63f8a48abbc3b6ed1c546c5062d19c645307100b58edcd524ad62028ad26658a} of the figure) and launch according to the whole market indicators

Long term holders of DAC Coin will notice that the price increase and the timing are not planned and fluctuate with performance.

The number of DAC Coin is fixed so if the economy grows, one would expect the price to increase with demand.

The DAC Coin is not free-floating because the Dacxi economy is not large enough to create large excess liquidity. This is the major flaw of the immature crypto-coin issuers and why 99{63f8a48abbc3b6ed1c546c5062d19c645307100b58edcd524ad62028ad26658a} of coins are now dead.

Dacxi is preparing for the launch but the market must be right to make this happen.

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