The Dacxi Ecosystem

The Dacxi Ecosystem 150 150

The Key Elements of the Dacxi Ecosystem

  • 1. The Dacxi Investment Platform:This is where you can invest in the Bundle or DAC Pack products. Simple, secure, and user friendly.
  • 2. Dacxi Exchange Platform:This is where your wallet containing your coins is held on a secure, easy-to-use platform. From here, you can also access the exchange, which is a pioneer of a new form of public-friendly venture exchange.
  • 3. Dacxi Community [the Dacxi Nation]:The Dacxi Community is designed to support the empowerment and protection of retail investors with information, education and inspiration in the manner people want. It encompasses live support through webinars, meetings and one-to-one affiliate support; through the Learn platform, video channel, emails and social media. Our Dacxi world is also built and powered by a unique global affiliate programme designed to support people like no other digital asset platform.
  • 4. The DAC Coin:The community building crypto coin that links the whole Dacxi ecosystem and drives its growth.