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The Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (TOI) is about connecting ‘things’ together for tracking, for inventory management and a multitude of other purposes.

Helium and iHub are building a global low frequency radio network with a decentralised infrastructure. By simply hosting a hub (the size of a small broadband router) in your home or business premises you can benefit for providing a link in this coverage.

There’s no cost, nothing to pay, just a miniscule amount on your electricity bill and then you get paid for two things: proof of coverage when your hub is connected, and traffic once signals go through it in their way to the next hub.

Better, cheaper, and less dangerous that using the high frequency microwave cell networks currently powering most of the Internet of Things.

Watch the videos to see how it works. The first is a fun description of what it is and the second a more detailed explanation of the proposition and how YOU can get a ‘Piece of the Action’!

iHub working with Helium is a way of generating income through the Helium HNT coin simply for hosting a low frequency transmitter/receiver to facilitate the ‘internet of things’. We earn HNT coins (easily converted into cash) when we host a ‘hub’, traffic passes through the hub, we introduce new hosts. No up front investment is required, only the very small cost of electricity to power the hub. Check out the information here.

What’s Helium?

Glad you asked. 3 minute video

The iHub Proposition

29 minute video