How Does it Work?

How Does it Work? 150 150

How Does it Work?

How Does it Work?

To engage with Dacxi the first thing you’ll need to do is go through the identity and security checks required by the applicable regulatory authority.

What you see here applies to the UK/EU and if you’re in Australia it’s slightly different (but easier!). Once you’ve done this and we’ll guide you through it, you can transfer funds to your wallet via the Dacxi bank account who (at the moment) charge a fee of £1. (Again UK only, no fees in Australia).

Once money is in your Dacxi wallet you can then purchase a Bundle and become a customer, after which, if you wish, you can buy or sell individual coins.

Watch the video of how to get started and then get back to the person who introduced you to answer any further questions and guide you through registration.

Note: DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER at this stage!

The Registration Process

To get through registration you’ll need to work on a PC or laptop. It is extremely difficult to do it just using a smartphone, although you will need to have your phone as part of the process.

First you phone number will be validated; you’ll receive a six figure code by email to put into your phone.

Second you need to upload an image of your passport photo page or photo driving licence which shows all four edges and the corners of the document as well as being clear and in focus.

Third you’ll need to take a ‘selfie’ using your phone – keep the phone stead while doing this as you’ll be required to move your head as you do it.

Fourth you’ll be asked for proof of address. This is an image of a financial document such as a utility bill, tax bill or bank statement showing the name of the organisation issuing it, your name and address and the date which must be within the last three months. You don’t need to show any of the figures on the bill and it doesn’t matter if it’s a joint account as long as it shows your name as one of the account holders. It must be a personal bill not addressed to a company even if it does show your name.

When all that’s done, you’ll see on screen and on an email, the details of the Dacxi bank account and a unique personal reference number. You will need to use this as the reference when you make transfers from your bank.

The person who introduced you will guide you through this process.


If you’d like to hear the text as an audio listen here