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UW is a multi service domestic and business utilities supplier who  provide gas, electricity, home insurance, boiler cover, broadband, landline and mobile phone services – all on one monthly bill.

Prices for individual services are not the ‘cheapest’ but they have won the Consumer Association (Which?) quality awards for all their main services every year for well over a decade. However, if you become what they call a ‘Double Gold’ customer taking all their main services (all except the insurances) you’ll receive a significant overall price reduction plus some additional bonuses. UW is the ‘cheapest deal’ when you take ‘everything’ and I say that as a customer of 18 years standing.

For more information contact The Freedom Coach – ben@thefreedomcoach.org – or follow the links on the right and watch the videos.

Currently UW only operates fully in England, Scotland and Wales

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