What is Dacxi and Why is it Important?

What is Dacxi and Why is it Important? 150 150

What is Dacxi and Why is it Important?

Pronounced ‘daxi’ like ‘taxi’, DACXI is the ‘Digital Asset Community Exchange International’.

If you look at their website you probably won’t learn much about it as there is a lot of jargon and references to ‘crypto’, but although the company operates in this sector it’s not really about ‘crypto currency’ at all.

The website unfortunately assumes a fair amount of knowledge about ‘crypto’ and the sector in general.

There’s more information about what ‘crypto’ actually is towards the end of this article.

Let’s start from the beginning.

There are three elements to the mission of the Dacxi business. These are:

  • Wealth creation for people who do not want to spend a lot of time and effort on the process
  • Protection and security of the wealth that is created
  • Creation of a ‘crowd’ who are interested in supporting innovative companies creating new products or services

Dacxi is not about currency trading, whether that be in encrypted (crypto) currencies or foreign exchange, nor is it about share dealing or betting on the prices of commodities, precious metals or ‘averages’ of any kind.

Dacxi is about ‘digital assets’ rather than digital currencies or tangible assets.

It could truthfully be said that Dacxi and the DAC (Digital Asset Coin) is as much about savings as creating a portfolio of alternative currency and it’s definitely not about trading in and out, although that facility is available.

Because the price of the DAC is not as affected by global economics or politics as regular (so called) ‘hard’ currencies (Sterling, US Dollar, Euro etc) it could be said that people’s money is safer in DAC than in their own ‘home’ currency especially in terms of relative value.

The company is meticulous, some might say obsessive, about the security of customers’ money, as you will discover from all the checks that have to be completed when you register. The information they hold about who has purchased what is compartmentalised and the systems have the highest level of security available, well beyond ‘military grade’.

The location of the IT systems that manage the exchange and the identity of the people who run it is secret. No-one can say that the system is impossible for anyone to break, but it would be so difficult that hackers are more likely to target financial systems, like those of most banks, that have a D or F security rating rather than Dacxi’s A+ rating.

After 3 years in development and around 15 months of live running in Australia the system has been fully proven and is working well.

Dacxi is fully licenced and regulated in Australia and holds a European Union licence. The company is currently in the application process for a UK licence and registration with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) despite the fact that neither is actually required in the UK at the present time.

The fact that anyone can set up a ‘crypto opportunity’ in the UK at present is what has led to a number of scams and other disreputable operations where the perpetrators have absconded with the money people have trusted them with. Dacxi is not one of these!

So, given that Dacxi is a credible, reputable, highly secure and fully operational organisation –

What’s in it for You?

In the not too distant future, in just a few years, the whole concept of currency and money is going to change. In fact, it’s changing already.

‘Cash’ will be a thing of the past, as will the valuation of national currencies by comparison with the US Dollar and the constant and annoying changes in exchange rates between different currencies when we go abroad.

‘Your Money’ will be on a card or ‘in’ your ‘phone, and it will be encrypted. We are moving towards an era when all ‘money’ will be ‘crypto’.

And instead of using RFID and waving your card over a scanner, there’s talk of using fingerprint and even retinal scans instead to enhance security. The technology already exists.

‘Money’ as such doesn’t really exist, and hasn’t done so since we stopped carrying around bits of gold and silver to pay for things – the French word for ‘money‘ is ‘argent’ which also means silver.

The ‘money’ that you and I possess is simply a token, an intangible asset that represents how much ability we have to exchange. We continually exchange money for products or services in both directions, buying and selling.

Those intangible assets are represented by a ‘currency’ which could be considered the ‘current value’ of you in your particular environment.

How much currency do you have? If you have a lot then you can do a lot of exchange, if you don’t have any then you cannot.

The assets, tangible or otherwise, that you hold represent how much you are ‘worth’ – your personal ‘currency’ or exchange ability.

The DAC, Dacxi’s coin, is just another intangible asset – part of your personal ‘currency’ but it has some special properties.

As I write the DAC has not yet been listed on the currency exchange markets like other ‘crypto’ assets such as Bitcoin. What this means is that the company still controls the price of the coin in this interim period before ‘launch’.

Because of this Dacxi is able to offer bonuses to those who buy into DAC pre-launch.

As an example, if you buy £1000 worth of DAC the company will give you a 20{63f8a48abbc3b6ed1c546c5062d19c645307100b58edcd524ad62028ad26658a} bonus making your £1000 into £1200 straight away.

If you ‘hold’ this in DAC for 6 months (180 days), they will increase this by 50{63f8a48abbc3b6ed1c546c5062d19c645307100b58edcd524ad62028ad26658a} so your original £1000 becomes £1800. That’s nearly 100{63f8a48abbc3b6ed1c546c5062d19c645307100b58edcd524ad62028ad26658a} return in just 6 months.

And there’s more. If you introduce others to DAC and they buy in, you’ll receive a bonus of 20{63f8a48abbc3b6ed1c546c5062d19c645307100b58edcd524ad62028ad26658a} of what they purchase paid into your DAC portfolio.

This is no different from a car salesperson getting a commission when they sell you a car or you getting a shopping voucher when you introduce people to a TV service. This is not a network marketing or MLM opportunity, it’s s straight commission, and the fact that you also get a 5{63f8a48abbc3b6ed1c546c5062d19c645307100b58edcd524ad62028ad26658a} bonus when someone you’ve introduced introduces another person doesn’t make it a ‘pyramid – after all you don’t have to introduce anyone!

And on top of that bonus system, as the market grows and Dacxi expand into new areas, from Australia, to the UK, to the Eurozone, to Malaysia and Singapore, to Brazil and so on, the market and demand for the coin increases and by the law of supply and demand the company is able to increase the price of the coin.

The first increase happened when the UK opened and the second will occur on September 10th following the opening of the European market. There may then be one more before the DAC is launched on the open market, which is likely to be followed by more price rises.

So, if you have £1000 in DAC now, it will increase in value by 50{63f8a48abbc3b6ed1c546c5062d19c645307100b58edcd524ad62028ad26658a} on September 10th and then possibly again in the next couple of months.

This is all very simple to do, even easier than operating some online bank accounts, and you don’t have to spend time ‘watching’ every day to see what the price is doing. Your money is secure and the DAC is expected to rise in value significantly over the next 12 to 18 months before it reaches a more stable plateau level.

Your funds can be withdrawn very simply at any time simply by selling your DAC back to the company and there are no fees for doing this.

Who is Dacxi for?

Experience in Australia has shown that the majority of the people who buy into Dacxi are people who have little faith in the money they can generate from ‘conventional’ savings.

They tend to be ‘middle aged’ (whatever that means) or older, are concerned about security and simplicity.

They don’t want to get involved in complicated trading systems or be watching graphs on their computer every day.

They are looking for a good return rather than the mediocre results they have been getting from existing schemes such as pensions and they tend to be less risk averse than most people have been trained to be.

This is being mirrored in the UK with most purchasers over 40, many of whom have only bought the minimum amount (£100) of DAC to ‘test the water’.

Once people have found how easy it is and how the money grows they tend then to ‘top up’ with the average purchase being around £2,500 to £3,000 although many have bought significantly more than that.

In short Dacxi is for anyone who wants a very good short term return. With all the bonuses available it is quite possible to turn £2,000 into £20,000 n a couple of months as I have.

But I’ve not really answered the question I started with!

Why is DACXI important?

Dacxi is important because of its future.

Dacxi will become much more than a platform for transferring one form of asset (cash) into another.

Dacxi will provide opportunities for people to input small amounts of their assets into innovative new enterprises and existing small to medium sized enterprises who aren’t big enough to be on the major stock exchanges.

The idea, which is already happening in different ways is called ‘crowdfunding’ and that’s why DAC is described as a ‘community’ coin. ‘Crowds’ of people input small amounts into such enterprises in return for a specified reward.

These won’t be just ‘any’ opportunities. They will be carefully selected by independent business experts who may also input some of their own funds – oft referred to as ‘dragons’, they will do the ‘due diligence’ on the candidates to ensure they are viable in every way.

That’s different from current ‘crowdfunding’ opportunities where people are required to do their own due diligence, which is not necessarily easy or straightforward, and they certainly don’t teach it at school, or university!

Second, Dacxi is a global exchange, it’s outside the control of governments – although licensed and regulated by them, and thus not as susceptible to political disruption as are some other exchanges such as the ‘normal’ national stock exchanges. It’s much more of a ‘safe place’ to be.

Right now, Dacxi is important because it is a major opportunity for you to create wealth. The DAC itself will be floated soon and prior to that there is an opportunity for great growth from your initial purchase. After flotation the price of the DAC is expected over the following 12 months or less to increase 10-fold as a consequence of a second ‘boom’ going on across the ‘crypto’ sector with Bitcoin already rising 400{63f8a48abbc3b6ed1c546c5062d19c645307100b58edcd524ad62028ad26658a} (and counting) this year.

What is ‘Crypto’

In truth all money is crypto, which means ‘encrypted’. The currency/money on your bank account is encrypted, the money or credit you have on your card is encrypted, banknotes and coins are only physical tokens that represent a sum of money, they are not ‘encrypted’ as such but they are certainly not ‘real’ money.

Similarly, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, DAC and the new Libra coin being introduced by Facebook are representations, tokens, of an amount of money or ‘hard currency’. We talk about Bitcoin being worth so many thousand US dollars a coin but all that means is that is the ‘sale’ price.

But the way these coins operate is different, some like Bitcoin and DAC are ‘assets’, others are ‘currencies’ and it all depends on how they are operated and used.

As it stands you can pay for stuff with Bitcoin, but what happens when you do is that the price of whatever you buy is converted into an equivalent amount of Bitcoin usually from your local currency via US Dollars (often with exchange fees and commissions). You don’t pay direct as you would if you used your local currency.

Because Dacxi is a global exchange there is only one conversion level from the local currency but until vendors start pricing in ‘crypto’ rather than local currency this will always be the case.

Just as with foreign exchange, ‘traders’ can make money by chopping and changing on almost an hourly basis between currencies, and others can speculate against different currencies reducing or increasing the values as they go.

It’s all very unstable and so far, no-one has come up with a way to establish a really stable money/currency exchange system.

The theory behind Libra is to establish such a stable currency but certain governments see this as a threat to them losing control and it has met with significant resistance.

Where does the DAC ‘fit in’?

The best place to be is with as asset such as Bitcoin or DAC the difference being that (other than through Dacxi) it is quite complicated to buy Bitcoin and most people could only afford a small fraction of a coin, but with DAC it is simplicity itself and the minimum purchase of only £100 is extremely low by comparison with the rest of the market.

Imagine Bitcoin to be a gold bar costing say £15,000 – it’s expensive to buy a bitcoin and people usually only buy a tiny chip off the gold bar – like .025 of a Bitcoin.

By comparison the DAC is like a cent or a penny – everyone can afford to buy lots of them, the minimum purchase of £100 gives you over 10,000 of them and their value has, because they are small and easily managed, the highest potential for growth.

What to do next

Dacxi offers two options. The DAC Pack which is 100{63f8a48abbc3b6ed1c546c5062d19c645307100b58edcd524ad62028ad26658a} DAC and the Dacxi Bundle which includes three ‘blue chip’ coins as well. The ‘blue chip’ coins are the ones that have been earmarked as the coins to adopt by the major financial institutions, stock exchanges, and retailers such as PayPal, Visa and Mastercard. Should that mix change the Dacxi bundle will change with it and new bundles may be introduced.

Buying a Dacxi Bundle is the easiest way to ‘get into crypto’ and the only way in which you can just take a look to test the water. It currently contains 50{63f8a48abbc3b6ed1c546c5062d19c645307100b58edcd524ad62028ad26658a} Bitcoin, 20{63f8a48abbc3b6ed1c546c5062d19c645307100b58edcd524ad62028ad26658a} Ethereum, 20{63f8a48abbc3b6ed1c546c5062d19c645307100b58edcd524ad62028ad26658a} DAC and 10{63f8a48abbc3b6ed1c546c5062d19c645307100b58edcd524ad62028ad26658a} Litecoin.

The DAC Pack (100{63f8a48abbc3b6ed1c546c5062d19c645307100b58edcd524ad62028ad26658a} DAC) will only be available up until the DAC is floated on the exchanges, maybe for about 3 months at the most, and any purchases made now will increase significantly in value before then, After flotation it is expected that the value will continue to rise rapidly.