Who are Dacxi?

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Who Are Dacxi?

Who are ‘Dacxi’?

Dacxi is the ‘Digital Asset Community Exchange International’. Headquartered in New Zealand and Singapore with offices in Brazil, UK, Estonia and Australia they currently operate decentralised exchanges in Australia and the UK (also covering the EU).

A further 50 local exchanges are in the first stages of opening in countries all over the globe with a target of 220 exchanges in different jurisdictions by the end of 2022. There is a separate management structure for each exchange with the central strategy and branding being handled in New Zealand.

Dacxi is fully authorised, legalised and licensed in each area in which it operates. The exchanges all have A+ security rating (the highest possible) based on over 100 criteria independently set and analysed by Mozilla – see observatory.mozilla.org and search exchange.dacxi.com.

Dacxi has comprehensive insurance covering customer funds and 98% of all funds are held offline on secure servers, the remaining 2% create the route of access we need to our funds.

The management teams for each exchange are highly qualified people in the financial world and can be checked out via the usual channels such as Companies House in the UK.

Dacxi prides itself on being a ‘community exchange’ with massive levels of customer support carried out by real people rather than ‘bots’ as is the case with most other exchanges.

Most of all the exchange is really easy to use in all ways and provides a complete and detailed record of all transactions – more on ‘how it works’ next.

Dacxi is different from other exchanges in that they offer ‘bundles’ od selected coins making it easy for you to create the best portfolio for your needs. These bundles include their own DACXI coin which is a ‘new kid on the block’ they expect to increase by ten times its current value in the medium term (12-18 months).

Dacxi is not a ‘trading exchange’ and if that’s what you want it’s not really for you. Dacxi customers see it as a long term deal, similar to a bank deposit account or a short term pension plan for ten years or so, but unlike those, there’s no penalty if you have to take money out early.

You’ll see from the next section how different Dacxi is from other exchanges and how easy it is to use; and bear in mind as a Dacxi customer you’ll have an individual ‘human guide’ or mentor to help you at any time as well as comprehensive online support for any technical matters which may arise.


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