How to Use the Dacxi Exchange

Since these videos were made the Dacxi Exchange Website has been updated and things don’t work in quite the same way. The videos will be re-made when Dacxi provide us with a dummy website so we can show you what to do. In the meantime these should give you a good indication of how to proceed

Getting Started

doTERRA 150 150


Zinzino 150 150


Tropic Skin Care 150 150

Tropic Skin Care

Utility Warehouse – ‘UW’ 150 150

Utility Warehouse – ‘UW’

Taking it Forward

Sansar setup 150 150

Sansar setup

iHub Main 150 150

iHub Main

iHub Susan 150 150

iHub Susan

iHub Laurie 150 150

iHub Laurie

The iHub Proposition 150 150

The iHub Proposition

What’s Helium 150 150

What’s Helium

What’s Helium? 150 150

What’s Helium?